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Just because we’re now past the tipping point of mid-winter, it doesn’t mean that Nature can’t do with a helping hand. Erosion Control’s repertoire doesn’t stop at innovative products and expert services – we also offer valuable advice to help keep our customers on track for great looking sites when the better weather arrives. In this newsletter, we’re going to share some tips for winter lawn care, introduce our smaller Hydroseeding unit which is ideal for smaller commercial plots, lifestyle blocks, and larger residential lawns, and give you a quick update on how the development of our new larger Lamella Plate Clarifier is coming along.

Backed up by over four decades of in-house R&D that has delivered an array of leading-edge products and services, our hands-on expertise and deep knowledge of the erosion control industry means that our teams will deliver quality results time after time. And they love doing it!

Winter Lawn Care

Lawns – especially freshly sown lawns – are vulnerable to the harshness and unpredictability of winter storms and cold, but there are some steps and precautions you can take to give your plot the best chance of surviving the season in good shape:
  • Raise the mowing height by 1 notch to maximise photosynthesis.
  • Make sure you have sharp blade on your lawnmower to ensure a clean cut.
  • When possible, make sure to mow in the afternoon. That way, you are mowing a dry leaf which means that you will get a better cut and less chance of disease.
  • Give an application of fertiliser now to help load the plant up. Winter slows down growth which means that the plant’s energy reserves need to be supplemented to keep it healthy.

Introducing Erosion Control’s Compact Hydroseeding Unit

Erosion Control’s new, smaller Hydroseeder has been especially designed to cater for smaller sections. The benefit to our customers is that it has a lower minimum charge rate than our larger Hydroseeding units which makes it a very cost-effective option for:
  • Smaller commercial plots
  • Lifestyle blocks
  • Larger residential Lawns
We’ll be bringing you more on this versatile little addition to our equipment arsenal in future communications, including an opportunity to see it in action.


The New Larger Lamella Plate Clarifier – An Update
In March we announced that Erosion Control is investing in the development of a new Lamella Plate Clarifier. This innovation, the brainchild of our own in-house R&D, will allow for a higher flow rate while still keeping the “footprint” to a minimum, meaning that we will be able to cater for those sites that have needed to process higher volumes of water. The engineering process is now well underway and we shall be announcing the release of this game-changing piece of gear in due course. You can click here  to get the low down on the benefits that our new Lamella will bring to the industry.

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