Erosion Socks – 20% off until 30th November 2022

Erosion Socks – sometimes called Silt Socks – are often overlooked and yet extremely versatile tools in our Erosion Control arsenal. They may look like something you’d see on the shelf of an Italian salami shop, but they are highly effective at performing the wide range of tasks for which they were designed:

  • Intercept, filter and contain ‘dirty water’ on earthwork sites to ensure any water leaving the site meets local authority guidelines and regulations
  • Highly effective, sawdust filled, and strong enough to stop silt, leaves and dirt getting into drains and waterways
  • A practical and sound alternative to silt fencing for smaller catchment areas
  • Effective as check dams, for cesspit protection, or as substitutes for sandbags
Our Erosion Socks come in three ‘operation ready’ sizes, which we are offering at a very special price until the end of November, so get in quick while stocks last:


600mm – $11.20 + GST
1.5m – $24 + GST
3m – $42 +GST

We also offer Erosion Socks made-to-measure for your site’s particular requirements, but please be aware that, for these, there will be a short lead time.

For more information please contact:
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