Aberdeen Track – Giving back to the Community

This week, we’d like to highlight two very different aspects of what Erosion Control is all about. The first is the Aberdeen Track Project in the Waikato, an exercise in environmental protection, creative thinking, and clever use of equipment (including our recently commissioned smaller Hydroseeder). The second item is a big thumbs-up to a member of the Auckland Erosion Control team who is going to dedicate the upcoming Christmas Break to giving back to a local community.

Aberdeen Track
Using our smaller Hydroseeder to maximum effect

Our client, Infrastructure Alliance, had to access an old bridge up a 450m stream path to put in footings for a new span. The equipment used to effect those essential preparations, together with high winter water flows, meant that the original stream path became degraded, so Erosion Control’s expertise was called in to help protect the path until repairs can be made to it in summer. The terrain was tricky and access difficult – creative thinking was needed for such a delicate undertaking, so here’s what we came up with:

A larger truck (plus an extra to avoid repeated water replenishments) parked on firmer ground pumped water as needed into the smaller Hydroseeder, which was towed by a quad bike to keep its weight down and minimise damage to the park areas by the stream.

Thick 32mm alkathene pipe was used to pump the Hydroseed/Flexterra mix, resulting in less friction in the pipe compared to traditional canvas hose, thereby reducing wear and tear on the already vulnerable stream track. Additional manpower ensured that the pipes would not kink or bend. This innovation means that we can now pump hydroseed approx. double the distance previously achievable.

Result: Mission accomplished safely and effectively!

You can click here to watch video footage of our lateral thinking in action – it really does demonstrate just how complex and multi-layered our solution to protecting a vulnerable stream track had to be.

Giving back to the Community over the Christmas break
At Erosion Control, we will always 100% back any member of our team who gets involved in helping out a local community. In this communication, we’d like to acknowledge and give a huge thumbs-up to our Auckland colleague, Antony Pearce, who is dedicating his Christmas break to doing just that by running a Community Christmas BBQ at Dacre Cottage, Okura.
Antony has been running the event for the last couple of years to provide a Christmas Day venue and some company for those in our country who are away from home and feeling lonely. This year, his big heart is even more on display as the invite has been extended to those feeling the financial pinch, or anybody else who is feeling lonely. 
You can find out more about Antony’s commitment to helping others at a time of year when they may be feeling at their most vulnerable by visiting https://www.localmatters.co.nz/health/big-hearted-local-drives-christmas-barbecue/  You can also find his Givealittle page here


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