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Finally, some settled weather for the Upper North Island! NIWA’s current thinking is that La Niña, or ‘The Little Girl’ (the colder aspect of the Southern Oscillation climate pattern that brings wetter conditions to the North and East of the country) is on her way out. But she may drag her heels before allowing her counterpart El Niño, The ‘Little Boy’, to take control. For the winter months, the arrival of El Niño generally means more Southerlies, bringing in drier, but colder, weather for the North. Either way, wet or dry, Erosion Control has you covered . . .


A Frost Free May = Greener Waikato Pastures
According to NIWA, May 2023 was the warmest since records began, and that anomaly meant that we were able to take full advantage of the frost-free days and nights. The image above is from a job we did at a Waikato stud farm just a few weeks ago.

Our very particular clients at an approximately 2500sqm new build outside Cambridge wanted to get the grass established on their property before winter sets in. In addition to the open lawn areas, we had a lot of detailed areas to hydroseed, especially around the pavers, paths, gardens, driveways, and fences – so, all-in-all, it was a pretty fiddly job.

We used Sports Oval seed to give a durable, uniform spread across the property and the warmer-than-average temperatures with no frosts did the rest. As you can see, the growth has been very quick and uniform across the whole site giving a great green tinge after only a few weeks.

The fantastic result has left our clients happily surprised and delighted that the grass has become established so soon. With winter fast approaching they had been apprehensive that La Niña’s soggy legacy would result in more rain that could wash away all the seed. Our choice of product and technical know-how made sure that didn’t happen.

    A Sting in La Niña’s Tail?
    NIWA’s forecast is for the La Niña weather pattern to cede dominance only slowly to her opposite (and drier) number and that could mean more rain for an already sodden Upper North Island. So please don’t forget that Erosion Control now has all our Water Management products and services on a single website page which you can visit by clicking here and bookmarking for easy future reference.

    We have over four decades expertise in looking after New Zealand’s erosion control and water management needs. Wet or dry, you can trust in our know-how.

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