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Still innovating, developing, and doing what we can to keep New Zealand beautiful. That’s what we take immense pride in – even after four decades. We’ve achieved so much in our 40+ years in the industry, that it’s easy to lose sight of the full breadth and scope of what we, as a company, offer:


Erosion Fabric
Filter/Erosion Socks
Flock Socks – Chemical filled socks to help de-sedimentation
Floc Box™  – Our award-winning innovation for sedimentation control, now an industry standard
HydroHay™ – Protection for bare ground while regrowth takes place
Liquid Soil™ – A powerful elixir that helps promote rapid regrowth
Silt Stopper Clarifier / Lamella –  Inhouse innovation has led to us developing a range of capacities for these standalone dose boxes for use on sites where the footprint does not allow for Storm Water Retention Ponds (SRP).
Dewatering systems – Standalone Dose boxes/Custom Designed Dewatering Systems will be coming soon along with a hire/loan option to suit any project
Straw Wattles – Made to order for bespoke demand
Water Treatment Chemicals – Supply and consultation. Buy your Chemical and Chemical Treatment Management Plan (CTMP) from us and we will throw in free bench testing for the duration of the project
Vital Stone Polymer – A ‘quick fix’ ground-stabilisation technique for urgent situations (an important consideration given the weather events of early 2023). We are currently looking at what we can do to augment our offerings in this space, so give us a call to discuss
    Hydroseeding (with Liquid Soil™) – Each site is unique, dependant on soils/slope and customer priorities. We consult, advise and then implement, taking into account a range of variables – from seed to different slurry mixes and fertilisers
    Straw/Hay Mulching – An essential service to protect bare ground while regrowth occurs
    CTMP (Chemical Treatment Management Plan) – With decades of experience behind us, we can advise and sell you the best plan to keep your Sedimentation Retention Pond (SRP) at optimum efficiency. Buy your CTMP and Chemical from us and we’ll throw in free chemical dosage bench testing for the duration of the project
    Dust Suppression – Polymer applied via a hydroseeder – a service for the dryer months (remember those?)
    Native Seeding – Keeping it purely NZ. This is an additional option for clients that want to give their Hydroseeding a native flavour
    Tractor Grassing – This is an option for the sporty ones. A precision grassing technique especially suited to playing fields, golf courses, or anywhere else a professional, manicured look is paramount
    Landscaping – An on-demand service, ideal for lifestyle block owners

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