Helping the Land to Heal


Well, we are now several months on from the devastating rain events that ripped through the upper North Island, but the land still bears the scars of those shocking weeks.

At Erosion Control, we are always keen to look at innovative techniques that we can use to help repair damaged areas of land and fine-tune the technologies we employ to protect that terrain from future severe weather events.

One of the worst hit areas during those severe storms was the Auckland Regionโ€™s West Coast. It was there that we were tasked with a major ground stabilisation job involving multiple slips over hard-to-work terrain.

The product we chose to get the best result was one that Erosion Control have been developing for just this type of job. It is a mix to be used on slip repair works to assist in rapid stabilisation and achieve good ground cover in what would traditionally be considered difficult areas.

The images you see here are the result from hydroseeding multiple slip repair revegetation works which we carried out over the Winter months at Karekare. Slowly but surely, with a helping hand from Erosion Control Co Limited, the land is healing itself.


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