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or ‘What to do when your original chemical supplier becomes unhelpfully impolite‘.

Recently Erosion Control were engaged to assist with a pond that had been heavily overdosed.

We were contacted by an Engineer whom we have helped in the past with some water quality related issues, as his client, which had incorrectly batch-dosed their small 60m3 DEB on site, had been directed by Council to remedy the issue ASAP.

When it was noticed that the DEB wasn’t performing well, the client contacted the original chemical supplier for some advice and was simply instructed to “just add more PAC” as doing so would resolve the issue. The client, of course, was heavily reliant on the ‘expert’ supplier and so, having themselves no real understanding of the complexities involved in chemical treatment, took the advice literally and poured an entire drum of chemical into the DEB. When that didn’t seem to help, they poured in a second drum.

At this point the client again contacted the chemical supplier and purchased an IBC, the entire contents of which they then also proceeded to pour into the DEB resulting in a very low pH reading of 3.6 when Council was next on site. 

Realising that they may have made an error, the client, now desperate for additional guidance, once again contacted the chemical supplier, whose only response, once informed about the volume of chemical the client had dosed, was to tell them to “expletive deleted off” and quickly hang up.

Things were getting critical. With a heavy weather event on the horizon, the client was very eager to resolve the mistake as any discharge of the sludgy water during heavy rain could cause a mass kill event in the stream-receiving environment. Enter Erosion Control!

Immediately we were contacted, Erosion Control headed out to site to collect a water sample from the pond and run bench testing to ascertain the correct chemical and dose rate to remedy the issue. We were able to provide a solution within 24hrs and assisted in the batch-dosing of the pond to ensure the correct volume of chemical was added so as not to again overdose the DEB.

Both the client and developer were impressed with the speed at which we were able to help, and the successful outcome allowed them to get quickly back to onsite works. The images to the right show the before and after state of the DEB.

The moral of this story is that you will always receive sound, expert, professional advice from Erosion Control Co Limited, so please call us first.

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