Liquid Soil

This project has been a true collective effort. Our client, Infrastructure Alliance, had to access an old bridge up a 450m stream path in order to put in footings for a new span. The equipment used to effect those essential preparations, together with high winter water flows, meant that the original stream path became degraded, so Erosion Control's expertise was called in to help protect the path until repairs can be made to it in summer.

Development and safe implementation of a plan to protect 450m of streamside track to minimise any damage.
Hydroseeding (Hydroseed with Flexterra)
Equipment used:
2 x Trucks to avoid repeated water replenishment.
Smaller Hydroseeder towed by powerful quad bike to minimise impact on parkland near streambed.
Alkathene pipe (32mm) with low friction.
Result: Mission accomplished safely and effectively!

Creative thinking for a delicate situation

The footage on this video demonstrates just how complex and multi-layered our solution to protecting a vulnerable stream track had to be.

Maximising the efficiency of our resources was a crucial consideration if our plan for this project was going to unfold safely and successfully, which was why we put so much thought into it.

The idea behind the thick 32mm alkathene pipe was that it would result in less friction in the pipe compared to traditional canvas hose, and reduce wear and tear on the already vulnerable stream track. Additional manpower ensured that the pipes would not kink or bend. This innovation means that we can now pump hydroseed approx. double the distance previously achievable.

A larger truck parked on firmer ground pumped water as needed into the smaller Hydroseeder towed by the quad bike so as to keep its weight down and minimise damage to the park areas by the stream.

A track record of innovation

Forty plus years of coming up with innovative solutions to thorny problems has put us at the forefront where it concerns protecting the environment. Here, at the Aberdeen Track, Erosion Control’s expertise, married to a smart technique, has resulted in a great outcome.