Liquid Soil

This recently completed job - we were contracted by Spartan Civil for their client, Mercury - was a bit of a milestone for us for a few reasons, not the least of which was that it gave us the opportunity to put our new turret-mounted Wood Fibre Hydroseeding Truck through its paces.

Hydroseed - Approx. 7000sqm Flexterra hydroseed with Grassroots matting in water prone areas.

Like something out of Mad Max

This is the new wood fibre Hydroseeding truck. The job took us just three days. Paul Hodge, Operations Manager Erosion Control Waikato Region, decribed the truck as “next level”. It has, he says, “an incredible capacity and focused delivery over a greater distance.”

Flexterra – By PGG Wrightson

The gallery to your right demonstrates the quality of the results you get when you use a Rolls-Royce hydroseeding product like PGG Wrightson’s Flexterra, which delivers high-end results every time. And when you marry top drawer products with Erosion Control’s deep expertise and groundbreaking equipment, you’re guaranteed a quality outcome.