Liquid Soil

Erosion Control has always been about protecting our beautiful natural environment. What we have for you here are some images of the first stage of the Avenue Industrial Project in Morrinsville.

This is a stormwater system native planting project for which we have been working on procuring and planting for the last 6 months or so. When the project is completed, approximately 15,000 wetland natives will have been planted;

A State of the Art Native Planting Project

The vast number of wetland natives is highly significant because it will be a leading-edge example of exactly the type of stormwater management project that the government is currently advocating for making our suburbs and infrastructure sites more water absorbent to slow down capacity issues after significant rain events.

The video to your right shows our expert team in action as the planting unfurls.

Beautiful Natives 

The main part of the project is now on hold until the rest of the system can be built once water levels lower over summer, and only then will we plant the remaining natives.

So, enjoy the stills of the beautiful plants and our expert team in action. For our part, we very much look forward to seeing what this site is going to look like in another 12 months once the plants have settled into their new habitat and really taken off.