Liquid Soil

Our client, Schick Civil Construction, had a problem. Due to a significant rain event their large site at Ruakura collected a large volume of water.

As you can see, when you get this much water across such a large site, treating it before pumping can be an issue. That’s when the team at Erosion Control had to figure out the cheapest and most effective way to effectively dose the lake before it could be pumped out, through a lamella (a water cleaner) and then into the storm water system.

We debated quite a few different ways this could possibly be done before settling on this simple and, what turned out to be, highly effective option: a simple structure of boogie boards, pool noodles, long hoses and pumps.

The simplest idea wins the day

The footage on this video demonstrates how a bit of lateral thinking and keeping it simple to succeed can produce a great result.

After bench testing the water and working out the right chemical and the right dose rate, we pulled the sprinkler back and forth across the lake whilst pumping to make sure we got an even dispersion rate.

“Too Easy,” said Paul Hodge, Operations Manager for Erosion Control. But, as it turns out, a highly cost effective solution equals one happy client. Check out our brain-child’s progress across the  pictures in the gallery below and see the difference in water quality.

Simply brilliant – Thinking on-the-fly

As we drew our ‘contraption’ across the body of water, the visual improvement in water quality became increasingly obvious.

By clicking on the first image and then following the gallery through, you’ll get an appreciation of why what we came up with was so effective.

Erosion Control’s decades of expertise in the game, allied to some really practical know-how, really came to the fore in this one. And, yes, we did get some very strange looks when we exited Kmart loaded with 40 pool noodles!