Liquid Soil

The Perry Group's Te Awa Lakes project is testament to bold vision that has been informed every step of the way by a deep concern for the natural environment.

Not long ago, Horotiu used to be a small settlement on the road to Hamilton from Auckland, but now, thanks to new infrastructure such as the Waikato Expressway and the northerly push by Hamilton’s burgeoning population, the area has become the city’s northern gateway.

Te Awa Lakes is a 100ha, 3 stage master-planned development for the old Perry sand quarry at Horotiu that will transform this northern gateway into a vibrant community hub

Thanks to our client, Schick Civil Construction, we are able to assist by providing the following services:
Water Treatment System - installing Floc Boxes™ to ensure that the water quality does not affect the local waterways as per the site's consent conditions.
Hay Mulching

A Journey to Clarity

The drone footage to the right tells a visual story of how Erosion Control gradually filters out impurities and contaminants from site water run-off so that it merges into the surrounding natural wetlands in a form that does not affect the health or habitat of the myriad forms of wildlife – such as ducks and eels – that this special environment supports.

The Perry Group’s vision will transform the area into a vibrant community hub and tourism destination through a mix of high-quality medium density residential housing, river links, tourism activities, and adventure park. The natural environment plays a big role: feature lakes and the Waikato River provide excellent kayaking.

Which is where Erosion Control Co Limited comes in. Over four decades of experience means we know exactly how to ensure that water run-off from the site meets the exacting compliance quality. We’ve got this.