Liquid Soil

Anyone for tennis? Our client wanted to use some space he had in front of the house to build a tennis court in a position that commands spectacular views westwards from the Te Miro hills, approximately 10 minutes from Cambridge. He decided to cut and level an area, but that left the large challenge of some very steep banks that needed to be re-grassed.

The extreme steepness of the slopes surrounding the playing surface, and the harshness of the soil - largely infertile clay and rock – would have been problematical enough on their own; but add to that the consistently bad weather, and we were presented with an extremely interesting challenge indeed. Because the risk was that it could all slide off the hill if we got another heavy rain event!!! Solution? Liquid Soil™.

Playing to win with Liquid Soil™ 

So, did we rise to the challenge and ace it? Of course we did; and we are thrilled to show you these images of the result  and even more pleased to have a very satisfied customer. This is what our client had to say:

‘It has surpassed my expectations, it looks great and as you can see there has been hardly any silt run-off the hill into the white rock behind the retaining wall. I have to say, I’m impressed.’

Here’s the ‘Before’ Gallery to the right . . .

Game, Set & Match!

And this is the ‘After’ Gallery. It’s the same place just one month on . . .

If you want to know what gave us the advantage, we can point to our expertise in matching the right product to the right job. The Liquid Soil™ solution we provided was ideal for these challenging conditions due to its excellent tackiness on steep terrain and high-octane seed starter formula which gets the seed going and growing, fast! The Liquid Soil™ has stabilised the hill, reduced run-off and now provides an excellent backdrop to the day’s play…… game, set and match !

So, if you find yourself faced with a challenge like our client’s, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We have been reliably solving these kinds of issues for over 40 years!