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Meteorological spring is upon us, and we even had some decent weather to usher in the new season. Our expert teams in Auckland and the Waikato have been flat-out working for our clients on a range of projects that demonstrate Erosion Control’s belief in environmental protection backed up by in-house investment in technological advancement. At Atiamuri in the South Waikato, we put our new cannon-mounted Hydroseeder to the test with outstanding results, while further north, in Auckland, we’ve been busy returning worked-over ground back to Nature with our trademarked Liquid Soil™ mixed with native seed.

Atiamuri – Our new Cannon-mounted Hydroseeding Truck proves itself a Game Changer

This project gave us the opportunity to put our new turret-mounted Wood Fibre Hydroseeding Truck through its paces – and, boy, did it deliver! We overcame the more difficult water-prone areas of the site by using grassroots matting, and then proceeded to hydroseed approximately 7000sqm with PGG Wrightson’s excellent Flexterra product. The whole thing took us just over three days!

Paul Hodge, Operations Manager Erosion Control Waikato, described the new truck as “next level”, and enthused about its “incredible capacity and focused delivery over a greater distance”. The hydroseeding cannon mounted on top of the truck makes it look like something out of Mad Max. You can learn more about this really interesting project by clicking here.

Bringing back Native Grass to the Auckland Region

The image to your right was taken by Troy de Jonge, Operations Manager Erosion Control Auckland Region, while working on a project to reseed NZ Native grass using our very own in-house R&D developed Liquid Soil™ product. The Native seed used was PGG Wrightson’s Stewarts Slender Poa which is a native grass of New Zealand and the only one available as seed in commercial quantities for sowing. As all other grasses used in New Zealand are naturalised introductions from other countries, the availability of Stewarts Slender Poa for both residential lawns and revegetation projects like the one shown here offers the opportunity to arrest (and even eventually, to reverse) the decline in Native grass cover.


The area to seed was in a difficult-to-reach location on a pretty steep incline where experience and accuracy were critical considerations. Liquid Soil™ is a premium hydroseeding product specifically engineered for areas with poor quality soils. It was used here to optimise the native seed’s chances of establishment and longevity. For more information on Liquid Soil™ click here.

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